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Create world maps with secret exits, branching paths and custom graphics.

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  • What is "World Map Builder"?
    World Map Builder lets you Create overworld maps for your Super Mario Maker 2 Creations. Using a combination of Actions, Ends, and Exit Code and to create branching paths (Example: 🍩, 🌼, 🎵, 🔑) Here's a great summary video by youtuber Tobias Bergdorf

  • Why does this exist? There's already a World Map Maker in SMM2!
    One, WMB existed before the World Maker update to SMM2. Two, WMB is there for other projects. For example, collaborations between users, or "games" that use more levels than the 40 limit.

  • What's an "Exit Code"?
    Exit Codes are codes made up of blocks found in Mario Maker and are used to validate you completed a level, or found an alternate exit. Currently the blocks used in an exit code can be:

    • Donut Block [🍩]
    • Note Block [🎵]
    • Fire Flower (or any flower really) [🌼]
    • Key [🔑]


    Exit Code: 🍩🔑🔑
    Sorry for the potato photo

    You can place one code at the end of a level or multiple codes in a level to create alternate exits like in Super Mario World. You can even put pieces of the Exit code in various parts of the level so that the player needs to find all of them to unlock the next level.

  • This site is free?
    ​Yes. This started originally as just a side project to learn a new programming language, I never expected to make money from this. However, there are some development costs, such as web hosting, that I pay out of my own pocket. If you wish to help cover some of those costs, I did setup a Patron. It's purely voluntary and nothing is locked behind a patron tier. However, as the site gets more popular, if I can't subsidize the site with patreon, I may need to add ads to some of the pages, but I would rather not if I can avoid it. (Also Patreon users would have the ads disabled for them if I went down this route)

    Update 09/27/2019: I have recently implemented the monetization service "Coil" to the site. It's a system that allows users to sign up to coil for $5 a month, and that $5 a month is distributed to every Coil enabled site they visit, the longer they stay on the site, the more money goes towards that creator. The service only works if you install their Chrome extension and does not run any malicious code or even any code at all, it's just tracking a meta field on the site. Not only that, the transations are automatic and private, I do not get to see any personal information about donors. I highly recommend reading up on it. Since it's seems like a great way to spend a little bit of money a month to help a large group of creators.

  • What does "Freezing" a tile do?
    Freezing a tile means that no other actions can alter that tile, this is mainly used when branching path arrive at the same level that may have already once been completed, and you don't want the level unlocked again.

  • I've downloaded a custom spritesheet, how do I make a world with it?
    When in the "Map Editor" click settings then go to "Custom Spritesheet" and click choose file. Then set the correct Width and height (in tiles) then click upload. If the spritesheet doesn't look right, you can adjust the dimensions until it's correct

  • I want to make my own world map art, what do I need to do?
    World Map Builder can accept either GIF or PNG spritsheets, (a single image that contains every sprite you want to use in your map) There are no specific dimensions you need to use but the community on discord have adopted a 4 wide by "X" tall layout. Here's a framework spritesheet to get you started. It's 4 wide by 50 tall with "sprites" or squares that are 16px by 16px, created by Nutty171. Your tile sizes can be higher resolution if you like, but must be symmetrical and the total file size cannot be more than 1.5 MB. Here's tools recommended by the community:


  • How do I make a bigger map?
    Under Settings, you can go to the "Level Dimensions" and pick your Width, height, Initial zoom (0 = whole map visible, bigger the number, closer the zoom) and Initial Camera center. (For when you zoom in on the map and you want to focus on your starting location)

  • How do I delete a map?
    Under Settings, at the bottom you will see a text box, you will need to type "Delete" in the box then click confirm.

  • Why did you make your own sprite sheet / icons instead of using real Mario ones?
    Because Nintendo has a history of shutting down projects that use their assets and IPs.
    11 Incredible Fan Games That Were Legally Taken Down

  • I have an cool idea for a feature, how can I tell you about it?
    Some of the best parts of World Map Builder were idea from the community. The best way to reach out is on our discord, we have "Feature-Requests" and "Planned Features" channels. If you don't see it in planned features, feel free to post it in feature request. Please keep in mind that while there are few bad ideas, some of them require a lot of time that could be put towards more pressing needs. I will usually explain why a certain feature may not be implementable or time feasiable.

  • What web tech are you using for the site?
    Laravel + Vue.js (My first project using them, I'm a WordPress + React.js dev but I wanted to try something new)

  • You did this alone?
    While I did code the site myself, there has been a lot of people that have helped in big or small ways and I would like to mention a few of them:

    • My wife and friends, for understanding how important this is to me and encouraging me and spreading the word
    • My Mods, Nutty171, tee, clarkmcfool, and CannonTheWildWulf, who were some of the first people to join the discord and have been kind and patient with all the new members that join our growing server.
    • The rest of the discord community for making great suggestions about features for the site, as well as helping each other, giving advice and staying respectful with each other
    • Tobias Bergdorf, one of the first youtubers that noticed what I was doing and made a video about it that really kick started the community
    • Patrick "Scoops" Klepek, a game journalist / Mario Maker streamer that I have been following for the last 8 years, for writing an amazing article about the site for VICE
    • I used a few icons made by Freepik from
    • I also used a few icons from